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Lin's Factory is a value-driven company. The customer defines the value. We serve as customers' first-tier suppliers who selling innovation and creativity, problem solving,and the capability to manufacture and create a net work of subcontractors who can manufacture the components that will go into the products customers required.Lin's Factory is a product and service-focused supplier.We focus on making excellent shears.

Why Lin’s Factory is capable of providing you with the best value

The owner and top management have over 20 years' experience in the shear industry. We rose from the ranks. Not only do we know how, but also know whom in the industry. Lin's Factory is shears expert, also process expert.We integrate best process-focused resources into a well-developed operation chain to develop good products for customers.We focus on true synergy achieved by combining the best

capabilities of many operations, from design to delivery. This is our core competency.

Lin's Factory is a lean manufacturer, agile, and flexible to rapid changing requirements. Their operation is process to assure the quality and ensure customer satisfaction. Customers' interest is our ultimate goal.

Lin's Factory's philosophy

•Innovation and continuous improvement-Well prepared to adopt any new capabilities
and do better what we have done best on daily basis. Lin's Factory has to be newer and sharper everyday.
•Agility, Speed-"Speed to customer", establish the most effective production core business process.
•Integrity, lntegration-Establish mutual trust with customers and suppliers, to integrate a true synergy.
•Leanness-Minimize the resources,eliminate waste, maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
•Partnership-we consider our customers as business partners to jointly develop our business and explore markets, but not only for oneside benefit.

Lin's Factory's mission

Our mission is to continually improve the products and services to meet our customers' needs, to improve the long term economic well being.

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